Since 2006, PPA has conducted REDD for the acquisition of over thirty (30) target and add-on companies in the Industrial Sector.


Key real estate risks in the Industrial Sector are the following…


  • Deferred Maintenance Exposure – With the help of inspecting architects and engineers, PPA identifies and quantifies areas of deferred maintenance for Quaker Oats, Marco, LF Manufacturing, Griffin Dewatering, et al.

  • Change-in-Control – A particular hot button because of the financial risk and the fact that no one likes to be “held hostage” by their Landlord.  PPA identifies change-in-control risks and works with the Landlord to mitigate this risk.  Our efforts yield better results, of course, when there is not an imminent consent request.  We have been successful mitigating Change-in-Control problems for many target and portfolio company Tenants.


  • Entitlement Exposure – Access/Egress/Parking; Title/Survey – PPA reviews the entitlements to ensure that they serve the needs to the Tenant (target). Problems of access and egress include Onpoint; Use entitlement – Cole Parmer, Weyerhauser, et al.

  • Functional Obsolescence – At Thorpe Specialty Service, we advised the company to not add on to a building that was already short of the parking requirement.  PPA also advised against allocating capital to an office remodel that was functionally obsolete.

  • Not Getting All the Property – Our client was selling his barge and river terminal company to a large publicly-traded agricultural processor.  The buyer’s deficient REDD efforts caused them to overlook the acquisition of a key parcel of property adjacent and integral to their river terminal