Multi-Site Healthcare

Multi-Site Healthcare

Managing Risk

PPA identifies and mitigates actual and potential real estate liabilities by performing the following Real Estate Due Diligence services…


  • Data Room Research and Organization


  • Lease Review and Analysis (create abstracts and summaries)


  • Determining FMR to create market arm’s length leases


  • Market arm’s-length lease negotiation


  • Navigation of change-in-control for all locations leased to a 3rd party Landlord

  • Increased Lease Security


  • Deferred Maintenance, Access/Egress, Parking/Space Analysis


  • Stark/Anti-kickback Analysis

PPA is the pioneer and sole provider of real estate due diligence services to private equity during the acquisition, hold and disposition of Multi-Site Healthcare companies nationwide…


  • Dermatologists (64+ Locations Midwest) - Sheridan Capital Partners


  • Dermatologists (34+ Locations Florida) - GTCR

  • Physical Therapy (20+ Locations Arizona, California, Louisiana) – Sheridan Capital Partners


  • Orthodontics (100+ Locations Southern U.S.)  - Sheridan Capital Partners

  • Pharmacy Support (Multiple Locations Florida, Oklahoma) - GTCR


  • MRI Clinics (20+ Locations Midwest) – Private