Portfolio Lease Management

PPA serves as the operational steward of the Lease Portfolio. Through Portfolio Lease Management, PPA relieves the operating company of the real estate burden of managing the lease administration of each property. 

Lease Administration

Start-Up Tasks

  • Review + Analysis of Lease

  • Create Lease Abstracts

  • Create Lease Summaries

  • Memorialize Critical Dates – PPA will create alerts well in advance of critical dates, to allow for proper planning.

  • Enter data into Visual Lease - to organize the portfolio and to receive important notifications

  • Identification of areas of risk within the lease portfolio.

On-Going Tasks

  • Create Monthly Rent Payment Schedule

  • Create On-demand and customizable reporting

  • Determine Actual Rent vs. FMR

  • Review and verification of annual Lessor reconciliation of:

    • Operating expenses

    • Real estate taxes

  • Proactive monitoring of the lease portfolio with senior management to anticipate problems and identify opportunities.

Lease accounting compliance


PPA works with the operating company's finance and accounting department, their CPAs and Visual Lease, on a Five (5) Phase Methodology to ensure compliance with FASB ASC 842...

  • Analysis

  • Configuration

  • Conversion - data updating 

  • Validation - accuracy/verification

  • Production - "go live"

Action plan

trouble shooting

  • Change-in-Control

  • Deferred Maintenance 

  • Renewals

  • Relocations

  • Security Deposit

  • Miscellaneous Problems

The PPA Difference 

It is significant to note that we own MOBs and are expert in both their leases and operations.  This gives us an advantage over accounting lease managers who, most likely, will never visit any of the properties on their watch.  This advantage is key to anticipating and solving any problems that arises.