Our Focus is Doctor-Owned MOBs leased to private doctor practices


  • Plaza Property Advisors serves as a real estate consultant to prominent private equity firms focused on the medical industry

  • Because of this relationship , our interests are aligned with our PE client portfolio companies, the Tenant

  • We have identified an opportunity and created an investment vehicle tailor made for both Doctor/Landlords and their Private Doctor Practices/ Tenants.

Roll-Up Benefits for Doctors/Landlords

When Doctors/Landlords roll their MOB properties into the Fund...

  • They become a Partner in a growing, more diversified (geographically, credit, use) real estate portfolio

  • Professional Property and Asset management relieves doctor group of this burden

  • Their Contribution to the fund is not taxable

Roll-Up Benefits- Private Doctor practices/Tenants

  • Our Fund benefits Private Doctor Practices/ Tenants becasue our interests are aligned with theirs as our PE clients own their own practices.

    • Eg. Lease change-in-control provisions will always be for the benefit of the Tenant.

Initial Fund Activity
  • The PPA MOB FUND I opened in July 2018 with the acquisition of five (5) MOB's.

  • 95% leased to Dermatology of Southwest Ohio and its Laboratory Affiliate

  • A prominent Dayton area dermatologist contributed his equity in four (4) properties and PPA contributed One (1) property for a stake in the fund

Access to Investments
  • Since PPA serves their PE clients who are purchasing private doctor practices with related-party leases, we have a strong pipeline of prospective fund properties.

  • We are working on growing our portfolio in the Midwest and have prospective fund properties in Arizona, Florida, Missouri and Virginia at the outset.