Real Estate Due Diligence Consulting

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PPA Spans The Risk Abyss

Our Focus - Real Estate Due Diligence

PPA provides real estate due diligence for our Private Equity Clients to identify and mitigate risks in the following verticals...

Real Estate Due Diligence

PPA is the pioneer and world-wide leader in real estate due diligence for private equity. 

PPA's experience in multi-site healthcare acquisitions/ dispositions makes us uniquely qualified to address the real estate risks/ liabilities of medical private practice portfolios.

Our three-pronged platform
The power of 
portfolio lease management 

PPA serves as the operational steward of the Lease Portfolio. Through Portfolio Lease Management, PPA relives the operating company of the real estate burden of managing the lease administration of each property. 

PPA PLM empowers the Lease Management Team to take control of the Lease Portfolio.

PPA PLM enables the Lease Management Team to mine, manage and manipulate a mountain range of data. Each medical office building ("MOB") lease is 35-70 sections. PPA PLM tames this beast and puts the lease portfolio under the complete control of the Lease Management Team (PPA & Lessee). 

Without PPA PLM, the beast controls the operating company (Lessee) resulting in a myriad mistakes that will take far too much time and cost you far too much money. Due to the risk mitigation benefits, PPA PLM pays for itself

Additionally, taming the lease portfolio beast enables the Lease Management Team to create an Action Plan  for each site providing the opportunity to achieve optimal financial and operational performance. 

"An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure."

- Benjamin Franklin

PPA Medical office building fund I

To serve doctor/landlords (related-party leases) and other investors and to provide investment diversification and growth, we created the PPA MOB Fund I. The fund provides doctor/landlords with the opportunity to contribute their equity in their MOBs into the fund for shares.  Our fund mitigates the investment risk of a doctor/landlord's relatively narrow property investment(s) and relieves them of the burden of property and asset management.