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About Us

PPA is a real estate consulting firm and principal investor devoted to optimizing and troubleshooting the lease portfolio for our esteemed Private Equity clients and their Multi-site Healthcare portfolio investments.

 Here is our story….

PPA Real Estate Due Diligence/Portfolio Lease Management

38 States    5 Countries    3 Continents    

Our Track Record

PPA is the pioneer and sole provider of Real Estate Due Diligence (REDD) and Portfolio Lease Management (PLM) of Multi-Site Healthcare nationwide.

Sheridan Capital Partners

  • Orthodontics (120+ clinics Southern U.S.)

  • Dermatology (85 clinics Central States)

  • Ophthalmology (32 clinics Virginia)

  • Oral Surgery (20 clinics Midwest)

  • Pharmacy Support (Illinois, New Jersey, and Texas)

Pouschine Cook

  • Dental (65 clinics: Georgia, South Carolina, and Tennessee)


  • Dermatology (35 clinics Florida)

  • Pharmacy Support (Florida and Oklahoma)


  • Radiology (25 clinics Midwest)

Phase II:  2015

Healthcare Focus

Our clients brought us into the healthcare sector and soon thereafter 90+% of our business became multi-site healthcare (private doctor practices).


Portfolio Lease Management

PPA has transformed the prosaic clerical task of lease administration into a profit center by optimizing leases in the portfolio. The result is lower lease costs.

Phase I:  2005

Pioneering Real Estate Due Diligence (REDD) for PE Acquisitions and Dispositions

With encouragement from Bill Fraumann, chair of the private equity practice at Kirkland and Ellis, PPA has become an integral part of the acquisition (disposition) team for our PE clients, identifying and mitigating lease risks. Our business has taken us to the UK, Canada, Mexico, China, and all over the United States (38 states). 


Our background in real estate development and finance of office, industrial and retail properties makes PPA uniquely qualified to conduct REDD.

Phase III:  2018

Real Estate Innovation to Empower Healthcare


Real Estate Due Diligence for PE Acquisitions 


Opportunistic Portfolio Lease Management - Organization and Optimization - Lowering Lease Costs to Increase Profits


PPA MOB Fund I - Serving doctor/landlord transition from active to passive ownership with increased diversification and without booking any capital gains

Our Story
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