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Let’s talk numbers


Measuring the Benefit  ± 6x


PPA PLM - net financial benefit to cost ratio of ± 6x quarter after quarter

Lowering Lease Costs to Increase Profits


Portfolio Lease Management



Lease Organization and Automation

  • Lease Administration 

  • Visual Lease Software- Administration and Accounting 

  • Lease Summaries and Abstracts 

  • Critical Notice Dates

  • Comparative Metrics 

  • Landlord Profiles


Time Savings

Cost Savings

Risk Mitigation


Lease Optimization

PPA uses the now easily accessible key information to optimize the Lease through the following ...

  • Determine Negotiation Opportunities - finding and edge for renewals, expansions, and extensions

  • Troubleshooting Lease Problems - actively and proactively

  • Annual Reconciliation of Operating Expenses and Real Estate Tax

  • Lease Accounting Compliance FASB ASC 842

    • Our ​five (5) step methodology helps our clients stay ahead of the compliance curve to minimize internal and external accounting costs.


Time Savings

Cost Savings

Risk Mitigation


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