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Your properties become part of a larger, more diversified, and growing portfolio which reduces investment risk (geography, credit, market, etc.) and enhances value.


The fund properties are professionally managed on both the asset and property levels, relieving the doctor/landlord of this burden.


Since the doctor/landlord is contributing the property(s) to the fund for ownership in the fund, it is not a taxable event and there is no real estate brokerage commission.

The Fund offers several advantages for doctors/landlords

PPA Real Estate Due Diligence and Portfolio Lease Management are sources for prospective doctor-owned MOBs for our fund.


Plaza Property Adviosrs, Inc. (PPA) created an investment vehicle specifically designed for doctors/landlords. Our PPA MOB Fund provides doctors/landlords with the opportunity to roll the equity in their medical properties into a growing, diversified, and professionally managed investment fund

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